interesting in engaging our community?

Till date, we have a regular community size of roughly 30 people who identify as creators of software. A usual turn-out roughly ranges between 40-50. We are a self-funded community and are always actively looking for sponsorships for:

  1. Venue - we’d love to explore new offices and introduce our community to your way of working life
  2. Food - hangry people (especially introverts) can’t speak as effectively as they’d like to

In exchange, we can offer you a shoutout, a five-minute introduction to your product/hiring pitch/anything else you might want according to your organisation’s needs.

However, to keep in line with our promise to our audience, we’d appreciate if you were one of the following:

  1. A tech-based company with a local engineering presence
  2. A tech solutions company with a local business

Drop us an email at if you’re interested to get a space at our regular meetups!