EngineRoom: A social meetup for software creators

Questions we hope to answer

  1. How can I have a chat with other technology professionals in a facilitated environment?
  2. Where can I find other local technology hobbyists to collaborate with on open-source projects?
  3. Is there a technical meetup with sharings that arenโ€™t in the context of any language/platform?
  4. How can I find out more about engineering practices in other local companies?

We had these questions too (we hope weโ€™re not weird - join us to assure us xD)

Other channels to find us

  • Telegram - we notify members of events here
  • Facebook - we share technology-independent affairs in software engineering here
  • Tito - we use this for getting a namelist for building security
  • GitHub - our home (:
  • Website - youโ€™re here!

P.S. Looking to speak? Check out our guidelines and submit an overview of your talk!

Upcoming & Past Meetups

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